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Lyra's fourth litter was out of BISS GCH Artisan's Vladimir The  Imperial and was born on July 26, 2017. 


    OFA CHIC: Hips VZ-11298G26M-VPI  Elbows VZ-EL104M26-VPI  Eyes VZ-1081  Thyroid VZ-TH564/50M-VPI    

Owner: Marty Spoor & Joan Toepke

Lyra's 2017 litter gave us Seven Girls (Colette, Ruby Rhoads, Ruby Soho, Tess, Eliora, Gretel & Penny) and Two Boys (Randall & Pachomius) out of Vladimir. Originally named after Fairy Tale Characters (Rella, Briar Rose, Rapunzel, Bellina, Vasilisa, Gretel & Gerda and Hansel & Bremen,  respectively).

At Around 8 Weeks

Colette "Lettie" (fka Cinderella)

Penny (fka Gerda)

Ruby Rhoads (fka Briar Rose)

Ruby Soho (fka Rapunzel)

Eliora (fka Vasilisa)

Gretel (fka Gretel)

Tess (fka Thumbellina)

Pachomius (fka Bremen)

Randall (fka Hansel)

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