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Szizlin Bundy


Owner: Debbie Heiser

Summer 2019
Happy 13th Birthday

In addition to being one handsome and sweet dude, some really cool news from his family in December 2011: "Hello from Bundy and his family. Bundy had a great year and finally seems to have found his higher calling, other than being a great family dog. About 18 months ago we started volunteering for Guiding Eyes and we do home socialization of puppies bred to be seeing-eye dogs. About once every 6-8 weeks, we get a pair of puppies (usually labs) for 3-5 days, which we bring into our home. Bundy is an incredible puppy companion. He plays with them, sleeps with them and lets the pups climb all over him. It would be a lot more work for us if we did not have Bundy to occupy the pups. I am attaching a photo of Bundy with a lovely brother-sister pair that we had earlier this month. He crawled right into their crate for nap time." Simply wonderful!

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