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Szizlin Vizslas, Reg.

Carol & Bruce Phelps

Marlborough, CT 06447

Our first Vizsla Maynard joined our family in 1985, and our first litter was born in 1989. Maynard hooked us on Vizslas for life! We strive to produce beautiful hunting dogs who are healthy with sweet and biddable temperaments. We are very proud of the puppies that we have had a part in making - and of the fabulous Vizslas involved in those breedings. We are blessed to have so many loving families taking care of our pups, and so lucky to have had so many wonderful adventures as the result of loving Vizslas. Our deepest gratitude goes to those breeders who created the Vizslas behind those in our pedigrees and to those breeders continuing our Vizslas forward.

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In loving memory of Bruce's mom, PAULINE PHELPS, an animal lover to the core who almost always had an animal in any photograph she was in, and to Carol's dad, JOHN W. BARRY,  a total animal lover who surrounded us  as children with all  kinds of animals on our mini-farm in Deep River, CT.  Carol's older brother John (from our dad's first marriage) recently let us know that our Dad, who had lived in Illinois, had two Great Danes (Folly & Citation) from the Evangers Kennels, and even showed and won with  one of his Danes as a younster at a dog show in Chicago!  What a surprise to learn that - guess it is in the blood! when circumstances made it impossible for dad to keep a dog,  Ci was placed with the Provost of Avon Old Farms School.  This article appeared in the Hartford Magazine section of the Hartford Courant in February, 1958.


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