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BIS BISS CH. Dirigo Gambler's Marker x CH. Heelmark's Dontcha N'Deavor ROM

May 2, 1985  - September 1996

"A magnificent vizsla who hooked us forever!"

Our first vizsla was this oversized boy who hooked us on the breed - Bred by Ruth & Bob Sinclair, Heelmark Vizslas out of Marker x Deavor - thumbing through a dog book at work one day (actually to see what a Brittany looked like because one was available), Carol stumbled across a picture of a dog she had never seen nor heard of - a Vizsla - and was instantly smitten - and that very evening, "coincidentally" she found an ad in the local newspaper for a 4 month old male vizsla puppy that was for sale! we visited the breeder that weekend and saw the puppy and both of us were instantly taken! he  joined our family, and we named him Maynard  after one of Bruce's idols, jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. When Maynard was around one year old, friends of ours who showed King Charles Cavalier Spaniels entered him into a dog show and their little girl showed him - unfortunately, at 26 1/4" tall, Maynard measured out, but still we thought the dog show was kind of cool! when we fell in love with Maynard, he made us fall in love with the Vizsla breed, as is often the case  - he was our first-born baby and he hooked us on vizslas forever.  To this day, Maynard remains one of the most striking vizsla males we have ever laid eyes upon -  he was an amazing "dog"! No disrespect to girls, but there is something so special about male Vizslas!

Maynard's one issue was separation anxiety. At the time, we both worked and did not believe in crating dogs - Maynard redecorated our home, digging holes in the sheetrock and wall-to-wall carpeting. Sooooo, in September, 1986, we got him a little present! MANDY! Mandy came home and she was all HIS - it was love at first sight! Best Friends Forever. Unfortunately, Mandy didn't realize that humans lived with her and should have some say in her life until she was two years old! but Maynard and she were the happiest dogs on the planet. Maynard lived until  11 1/2 years and Mandy to almost 13 1/2 years.

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