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CH. Szizlin's Soar'N Pfalcon JH ROM x CH. Copper Creek Abbey Road JH ROM 

  OFA # VZ-6505G27F-T            AKC DNA # V313126            DOB: June 4, 1997

June 4, 1997 - September, 2010

"Kes was truly something special" 

Bred by Carol Vola, Copper Creek Vizslas

Kestrel was bred by our close friend Carol Vola, Copper Creek Vizslas, out of her Abbey bred to our Pfalcon. When I went down to the farm in NJ to see the litter and pick up the pup Carol had picked for me to take home to find a show home (Daisy), I saw the pups running all over the place and one puppy ran across my path and looked up at me, and I asked Carol "is that a bitch"? and it was her! this was one of the most beautiful puppies I had ever seen - or likely will ever see. She actually gave me goose bumps! The minute I saw her, I knew she had to be in our breeding program. Kestrel was not the easiest puppy to raise by any stretch! she definitely had an alpha personality, but she respected our authority and kept herself always in check, making her a delight to live with, a delight in the show ring, a consistent worker as a personal gun dog (nice natural honor), and a delight as a beautiful youthful veteran. She and Ptoppir (who was two days older) became best friends, and what a pretty pair they made! Kestrel gave our daughter, Danielle, a lot of success as her  junior's and occasional special's bitch. Danielle and Kestrel went BISS for two consecutive years at he Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty when Danielle was ages 11 and 12 years. The second BISS was very bittersweet because Carol Vola who was present for and overjoyed at the first BISS win had died suddenly of an aneurysm at age 55 between those two shows. Kestrel herself almost died at age 5 in 2002 from a tick borne disease then called "equine ehrlichiosis". It was a slow process, but Kestrel's immune system was amazing, and she battled back to complete health. After a 3 year hiatus from breeding until we believed she was 100% well again, Kes easily whelped her last litter in January, 2006 from which we kept our Ptorrie. We feel very blessed to have shared our lives with Kes and for the wonderful offspring she has left behind.       

An unforgettable day...Best Puppy, Puppy Group 1 and Reserve Best Puppy In Show. As we competed for the Best In Show, I remember looking at this beautiful puppy with her coat glowing in the setting sun and just smiling and thinking how lucky I was to have her...many thanks, Carol Vola, Abbey & Pfalcon.

And to think only a few months before Carol Vola and friends had dubbed Kes "Dirtbag" while Carol was babysitting Kestrel for us!

Ptoppir finished her championship the year before at the VCNNJ Specialty

When Kestrel was 2 and Danielle was 11, they won BISS at the Conestoga specialty. The following year when Kestrel was 3 and Danielle was 12, they again won BISS at the Conestoga specialty! This was when entries at this show would approach 150.

With her BFF, Ptoppir. Later in life, Ruffian and Kestrel became very close. Below with daughter Vela and Bruce.

Handled By Danielle Who Was Too Tired To Take Photo

Kestrel with some of her broods: Above Marley & Riot; Right Vela & Karma; Below Bryce & Marley

Kestrel with Jan in Canada (right); Kestrel  BOB with her Dad  Best Veteran (below).

Kestel at age 12 at the 2009 VCA Nationals -  1st Place Veterans -

Handled by Richard Bennington-Grant

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