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CH. Szizlin's Soar'N Pfalcon JH ROM x CH. Szizlin's Ain't Gonna Stop Her JH ROM 

  OFA # VZ-9136G25F-PI            AKC DNA # V313125        CERF VZ-964     DOB: June 2, 1997

Febrary 17, 2003 - January 22, 2015

"A Pfalcon & Ptoppir daughter worth her weight in gold

- and well worth the wait!  A 2009 Top Producer (plus)!


Manda was pretty close to our ideal of a vizsla bitch.  At 21 1/2" at the shoulder and 45 pounds, she was a compact and strong little package! on the lower end of the ideal height range; she had nice bone and inherited her dad's tendency for naturally muscled haunches, a super strong rear, tight catlike feet and short toe nails. Manda loved to play. Like her mom and many of her offspring, she always had to have something in her mouth, and she wiggled and moaned into all the other dog's faces until they either succumbed and played with her or told her off!   She never knew that she was no longer a puppy! the consummate clown! and for some strange reason, she seemed to enjoy the show ring so she was handled by many of our friends and family! She was such an easy member of the family. When you looked at Manda, you could not help but smile! Her little white face as an older dog was beyond adorable. Pedigree-wise, she carried forward a lot of her grandma Mandy, so we wanted her name to reflect her history...hence the name Manda - also referred to around here as Man Man, Danda and Gwandoth.

Manda with Dennis in September 2006

Manda on the move with Rick at Westchester, 2005

Manda with Barry going Best Junior in

Show at the 2006 VCA Nationals

Manda with Susan and

Judge Richard Hilderman

Manda with Patsy & Judge Lester

Mapes at the Conestoga Specialty

Manda with Richard at Specialty on way back from Colorado VCA Nationals

Manda (in rear on left, November 2006) with her mom (Ptoppir, in rear on right, age 9 1/2), grandmom (Raisa, center, age 15 1/2) and daughter (Rufian, lying down, 7 months)

Manda at 4 months; Manda with Mom and Siblings

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