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CH Szizlin Dillon Jackie's Red JH ROM x BISS AM & CAN CH Copper Creek Szizlin Kestrel JH ROM 

  OFA # VZ-8926F26F-PI            AKC DNA # V313128            DOB: August 9, 2002

August 9, 2002 - October 31, 2016

"I'll Do It My Way!"

The puppy names for this litter were constellations and alpha stars - when we kept Vela, we kept her name! Vela is the sail part of a ship constellation, and the whole time this litter was being raised, her sweet personna coupled with her name Vela would have us singing the song "Sail On Sail On Sailor" by the Beach Boys  - hence her name. Vela described as exotic looking by many who meet her, and when you get to know her she is as sweet as she is beautiful. Vela also has lovely floating movement. She has a strong independent streak and runs like a demon in the field (she flunked several hunt tests due to the inability of her handler to even find her, but the bird planters and galleries near the bird field often had quite a show). Vela is very gentle natured and lovey - she is almost as demanding as her grandmother, Mandy, and she will push relentlessly to get herself a lap!  She is an amazing mother, a true "earth mother" and is  insistent on daily visits with her babies until they leave, pretty much nursing weaned puppies out the door.  Vela has always been one of Bruce's favorite hunting companions because she will go into any kind of cover. Vela aged gracefully, finishing her Canadian Championship when she finally got back up there at the age of nine years at the Canadian Nationals, handled by Richard Bennington-Grant.

Vela with Boo pups (Above photo by David Margolin)

Vela with Her Mom Kestrel & Bruce

Vela and Brother Noah at 9 1/2 Years

Vela at 10 Years

Vela and Sister Baci Turning 14

Cake by Kathy Laundy

Vela At Age 14 and Baby Reasons Hit It Off and Loved Each Other SO MUCH

Vela At Age 14 with Daughter Lyra and Granddaughter Ellee Slyman out of Lyra

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