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Vela's fourth litter was out of CH Caveat Tahoka's Vad Vihar and

was born on November 15, 2008.


OFA VZ-631G24M-T

Owner: Kay & Brandon Patterson  

Vela's 2008 litter with Paxton had Author's Litter of Five Girls and Five boys - the girls are Poe, Emerson, Bronte, Fitzgerald & Dickens; the boys are Thoreau, Tolkein, Hemingway, Steinbeck & Longfellow.



Winslow (fka Thoreau)

Matisse (fka Parris)

Chosin (fka Chosin)

Theo (fka Tolkein)

Matisse (fka Parris)

Remmie (fka Matilda)

Hemingway (fka Hemingway)

Remmie (fka Matilda)

Tikka (fka Steinbeck)

Moxie (fka Opha Mae)

Jasper (Longfellow)

Sasha (fka Liberty)

Oliebol (fka Bronte)

Daphne (fka Fury)

Rosie (fka Tripoli)

Ruby (fka Dickens)

Moguls (fka Emerson)

Bailey (fka Poe)

Dublin (fka Fitzgerald)

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