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DC/AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD VC ROM x AM/CAN CH. Heelmark's Ain't She Command'N JH ROM

  OFA # VZ4055G24F   MAGYAR DNA #V96014       CERF VZ370     DOB: July 13, 1991       DNA #V386904

 July 13, 1991 - August 30, 2007

 "The image of sweetness personified - the only bad thing she ever did was to leave us."

Unlike her very naughty mother, Raisa was a dream to raise - never gave us a moment's difficulty as a puppy, trained immediately, listened when called - just incredibly biddable and sweet, gentle girl. We learned just how dramatically things can change in just one generation! Bruce came up with the name Raisa, and then we came up with her registered name. A pretty name for a pretty girl.  Raisa had many nicknames (Raisa Bedaisa & Mrs. Gorbie for starters). She was the quintessential vizsla bitch. We were new and showed her when she was immature and way too young and took some hits; when she matured at age 2 years she finished quickly and easily and became our second homebred champion. Raisa's prowess in the field was fantastic - she never met a bird who liked her!  Ripping a nipple off on barbed wire, Raisa never missed a beat. We feel so blessed to have had the honor of living with Raisa - she was quite amazing and passed her wonderful qualities on down.

Barry at 10 and Raisa at 9 to Left. Barry at 16 and Raisa at 15 below (with Patsy and 9 1/2  year old Kestrel).

Barry with Raisa and Danielle with Kestrel in Juniors in Canada 

Raisa in Veterans at age 12; Raisa in Veterans at 14 1/2 and Raisa at 14 1/2 at Christmas. 

Raisa Brood Bitch 1996 (above) and 2002 (right)

Four Generations:

Raisa (center) with: daughter Ptoppir (right), granddaughter Manda (left) and great granddaughter Ruffian (lying down)

Raisa at younger siblings Devon & Pfalcon's 15th Birthday a few months before Raisa turned 16 

Raisa with some of her Pups; Raisa with her mom and Danielle & Barry

Raisa and Younger Brother Pfalcon

Photo by Saul Himmelfarb

Raisa in Blue and Sister Cricket in Red.

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