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Szizlin Winslow Homer


Owner: John Barmack and Sue Miller,

then Tatyana,

then Sue Sciarrillo

Winslow has had many lives. When Winslow was very young, his original owner John Barmack died unexpectedly, and John's wife Sue Miller rehomed Winslow with Tatyana and her family which included several vizslas - long story short, there was friction between Winslow and one of Tatyana's males. Thanks to the help of VCCNE, Winslow now has a new home with Sue Sciarillo where he is thriving! May it last forever, Winnie. A good reminder that life often throws curveballs we have to overcome...but this boy has been resilient and made the adjustments needed to be happy with help from many caring people.


Happy 12th Birthday


At Age 11

At Age 8

At Age 9


At Age 10

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