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Manda's third litter was out of CH Kizmar GJ Kiss'M All McClain UDX OM2   


and was born on  November 20, 2008.

"Bodi"            OFA VZ-9449G24M-NOPI         Owner: Sandy Kimmerle & Kathy Rust

Manda's 2008 litter gave us 3 boys  and 5 girls. The girls in the Classic Actors Litter are Grable, Monroe, Hepburn, Bacall & Keaton; the boys are Grant, Stewart & Mitchum.

At Around 8 Weeks

Hepburn (fka Hepburn)

Zuma (fka Monroe)

Hope (fka Bacall)

Keaton Rose (fka Keaton)

Bella (fka Grable)

Rez (fka Mitchum)

Dexter (fka Stewart)

Kuna (fka Grant)

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