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Szizlin's Original Pin-Up Girl Bella


 OFA VZ-12712E43F-NOPI

Owner: Bill & Lisa & Carissa Ann Gilbert

Foundation Bitch for Gilbert Vizslas

Bella Turns 9
Bella Turns 7

Bella was the first born in the 2008 Manda-Bodi litter, and Manda was really working hard to deliver Bella. When she was born, Bella had her intestines on the outside of her body, and they were swollen up to a large size. We rushed Bella to our veterinarian, Dr. Mills, who used something to shrink the intestines and put them back in Bella's body. Bella thrived. At around 7 or 8 weeks, we had the large umbilica hernia repaired, and subsequently she went home with the Gilberts. At that time, we did not think Bella would be able to have puppies, but her continued great  health indicated otherwise and her veterinarian cleared her for breeding -- and she had a beautiful litter of puppies with Wyatt with no complications. We think of her as a little miracle.

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