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Manda's first litter was out of Russet Leather Indian Outlaw

and was born  on  April 25, 2006. 

"Brave"      OFA VZ-5219G25M         Owner: Iva Fisher

Manda's 2006 litter gave us 4 boys (Giles, Steve, Cooper & Dudley) and 5 girls (Ruffian, Roxy, Mazi, Figment & Hannah)


At 7 1/2 Weeks

Photos By David Margolin

Ruffian (fka Ruffian)

Roxy (fka Paseana)

Mazi (fka Kinscem)

Hannah (fka Azeri)

Figment (fka Firenze)

Giles (fka Citation)

Steve (fka Barbaro)

Cooper (fka Easy Goer)

Dudley (fka Charismatic)

Above at 5 weeks  - Below at 3 days

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