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Int'l/Can/Am 24x BISS GCHP Szizlin Rhapsody Never Say Never, JH NAP NJP RN CA DN ROM


CHIC 100631   VZ-13582G33F-VPI  VZ-TH779/20F/VPI   VZ-EYE236-56F-VPI

Owner: Michelle Porfido & Yelena Kourtei & Carol Phelps

Brood Bitch for Rhapsody Vizslas

Happy 12th Birthday!
Happy 11th Birthday!
Ellie at age 9 at
2020 VCA Nationals
Above 5 months; Below 4 months
At 9 weeks
On their way to the VCA Nationals in Colorado, my good friends Richard and Henry were transporting 8 week old Auriga (now Ellie) to her new home with a breeder friend in Illinois when she was exposed to kennel cough in their van. My Illinois friend had a 15 year old Pfalcon daughter and was afraid to risk infection, so Bruce flew to Omaha, Nebraska and met Richard and Henry at the airport to bring Auriga home (as it turned out, she never did contract kennel cough). The second leg of Bruce's return flight was cancelled, and he and Auriga had to spend the night in a Chicago hotel with no crate! When she came back, Lena and Michelle decided that they wanted to add her to their family (good thing, because Auriga and Bruce had bonded and otherwise I suspect we would have had another Vizsla) - in her new home, Michelle took her to America's #1 Vizsla, All-Systems in  2014 and 2016 - and America's #2 Vizsla, All-Systems, 2015 - as well as being a Top Producing Dam in 2016 and 2017. 
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