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Brisbane's first litter was out of Am BISS & Can CH Szizlin's They Call Me Bond ROM and was born on October 19, 2013.         


 OFA VZ-10374G24M-NOPI

Owner: Lena Kourtei & Michelle Porfido

Brisbane's 2013 litter with JB had Two Girls (Devlyn & Grace) and Three Boys (Asher, Jackson & Primo...originally named after suburbs of Brisbane, Australia (Jindalee, Brisbane, Bowen, Churchill & Wellsby).

Matisse (fka Parris)

Chosin (fka Chosin)

Matisse (fka Parris)

Remmie (fka Matilda)


Devlyn  (fka Jindalee)

Grace (fka Arana)

Asher (fka Bowen)

Primo (fka Wellsby)

Jackson (fka Churchill)

Sasha (fka Liberty)

Rosie (fka Tripoli)

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