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Brisbane's fifth litter was out of GCH. Plaza's Cut To The Jace and 

was born on April 5, 2018.


OFA CHIC:   114046   VZ-14131E24M-VPI   VZ-EL2157M24-VPI 

VZ-EYE377/25M-VPI    VZ-TH1214/33M-VPI​

Owner: Kate Hinely & Donell Scott

Brisbane's 2018 litter with Jace gave us six boys (McQueen, Reeves, Segal,

Stallone, Statham and Willis) and one girl (Maggie Q).

Matisse (fka Parris)


Matisse (fka Parris)

Chosin (fka Chosin)

Matisse (fka Parris)

 Ramsey (fka Steve McQueen)
 Kirby (fka Keanu Reeves)

Remmie (fka Matilda)

Remmie (fka Matilda)

Moxie (fka Opha Mae)

(Oliver fka Steven Segal)

Sasha (fka Liberty)

 (Bode fka Sylvester Stallone

Daphne (fka Fury)

Rosie (fka Tripoli)

 (Phelon fka Jason Statham)
 (Laszlo fka Bruce Willis)
Trixie (fka Maggie Q)
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