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Lyra's second litter was out of NBISS GCH Plaza's Save The Last Dance JH  and was born on April 23, 2015.


OFA CHIC:  VZ-11737G24M-VPI  VZ-EL1188M24-VPI

    VZ-TH516/30M-VPI         CERF VZ-920

Owner: Donell Scott

Lyra's 2015 litter with Hummer had Seven Boys (Gunner L, Gunner P, Parker, Leo, Lozier, Remi & Turk) and Three Girls (Kaya, Velvet & Reeva)...originally named after classic cars  (Hennessey, Peerless, Darracq, Rio, Lozier, Ruxton & Maxwell...and Lancia, Elva & Minerva, respectively).

At Around 8 Weeks
Parker (fka Darracq)
Gunner Lieneman (fka Hennesey)
Lozier (fka Lozier)
Parker (fka Darracq)
Gunner Pedro (fka Peerless)
Gunner Lieneman (fka Hennesey)
Leo (fka Rio)
Remi (fka Ruxton)
Turk (fka Maxwell)
Kaya (fka Lancia)
Velvet (fka Elva)
Reeva (fka Minerva)
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