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Lyra's first litter was out of CH Szizlin's Riverview Giles of Guilford

and was born  on  October 16, 2013. 


OFA VZ-10869G25M-PI     CERF VZ-700/2007/9    

Owner: Henry Grant & Richard Bennington-Grant

Lyra's 2013 litter out of Giles gave us Three Boys (Bruschi, Gunnar & Blue)  and Two Girls (Kiara & Wells)...originally named after constellations (Cepheus, Cygnus, Lynx, Aquila & Delphinus).


At Around 8 Weeks

Bruschi (fka Cepheus)

Gunnar (fka Cygnus)

Blue (fka Lynx)

Kiara (fka Delphinus)

Wells (fka Aquila)

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