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On November 27, 2004, Nellie whelped 2 girls and 4 boys - the "Six Pfalconellies" out of Pfalcon. 

CH Copper Creek CV's Whoanel'e JH


OFA VZ-7844E28F-PI

Owner: Patsy & Robert Dahlinghaus

BISS CH Copper Creek's GSM Toscanini MH


OFA VZ-10161G25M-PI

Owner: Hejin Hahn & Steve Hanna

CH Copper Creek's Firepoint Darby JH



Owner: Leah Resler

CH Copper Creek's Soar'N Grand Canyon JH


OFA: VZ-10835G40M-NOPI

Owner: Ilanna & Joseph Schwalbe

CH Copper Creek's African Summer JH


OFA Hip VZ-10779F40F-VPI   Elbow VZ-EL764F30

Owner: Debra Steele

Copper Creek's Paprika Nikos


Owner:  Marea Tumber 

Pictured Right to Left from Nellie:  Three of her daughters,  CH Copper Creek’s Life Goes On JH  (out of Denver),  CH.Copper Creek’s Penny Lane JH (out of Shooter) and  CH Copper Creek Firepoint Darby JH (out of Pfalcon), and two of  her grandchildren out of Darby, CH Firepoint Fiddler on the Woof  and CH Firepoint’s  Oak-Ridge Annie.

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