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On June 24, 2002, Purse whelped 4 girls and 5 boys out of Pfalcon.

Alde Gale Force Pursuit UDX RE MH


OFA  VZ-6787E35F-T

Owner: Dee Chuisano

CH Aldesz Spirit of America UD RE MH


OFA  VZ-8710G24M-PI   CERF VZ-463

Owner: Dee Chuisano

CH Aldesz Medal of Honor JH



Owner: John & Linda Morris

Aldesz Let Freedom Ring JH


Owner: Lesli Hyland

Aide SZ Miss Liberty JH


Owner: Thomas DiBartholomeo

Aldesz Star Spangled Banner JH


Owner: Tony Warchut

Aldesz American Pride


OFA VZ-8949E27F-PI

Owner: Donna, Paul & Keira Gruhn

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